The Many Advantages Of A Digital Baby Monitor

If you have a new baby at home, you are obviously proud parents and want to know your baby is safe and secure at all times. This is where a digital baby monitor can really help relieve your stress and concern that your baby is OK even though he or she is in another room.

There are quite a few different ones on the market but the new digital ones are usually superior to the old analog ones. They are also wireless and very easy to use. There are options that only give you audio input so you can hear your baby if it starts to snuffle or cry so you can immediately go and see what’s wrong. Some come with video so you can see your little one as well. Even if the room is dark, some have infrared so you can still see your baby.

These digital baby monitors are fairly reasonable in price. It is also a wonderful present for new parents or even at the baby shower. There’s nothing better than to know your baby is safe and secure when he’s not in the same room with you.

Here are a few tips when doing your research into these devices.

Choose a monitor that has a good signal range. There’s no point if the kitchen means you are out of range of your child’s bedroom! This isn’t usually the case and these monitors range 650 to 850 feet which is usually fine for the average home. Just remember a busy mom will take advantage when her child is asleep to be in the kitchen making meals, possibly in the basement doing the laundry or even in the garden. Check this feature before you buy just to make sure.

Another concern is the clarity of transmission. Digital monitors are usually great but analogue ones can have problems depending on the frequency used.

Choosing audio or audiovisual ones. An audio baby monitor is really fine for every occasion. It does the job. Parents can hear their child and some monitors even have a feature where you can speak to your child and comfort him through your monitor in say the living room.

Nowadays, many people choose a video baby monitor. It is lovely to see your child as well. You can be assured that he or she is not getting tangled up in the blankets or putting her legs through the side bars, as you can see your baby. Many also have the feature that you can take photos as well.

Regardless of type, most monitors have a feature with a backlight. This is great as it means you can see the monitor in a dark room so you don’t need to put on the main light and disturb your child.

The more sophisticated (and usually more expensive) the monitor, the more features it has. Weigh up carefully if these added features are worth the price. For example, some models are extremely portable. This is a great bonus if you visit friends and family a lot with your baby and put him or her in another room to rest. You can take along your monitor and still enjoy your evening out because you can hear your baby should he or she awaken.

In summary, a digital baby monitor is a godsend to new parents. There are many models and brand names out there so do your research carefully and get the model that fits your needs and your budget.